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Graziano; the new luxury brand for the sophisticated man. The finest tailoring quality combined with great style.

The production facility who produces for Graziano started in 1996 as a small company. Small and specialized in basic men’s socks for suits.

The quality attracts and production capacity increased. Today 8.7 million pairs of socks are produced yearly. The fine superior Graziano brand was born in 2014 and took socks to a whole new level.

Simplicity in design is what Graziano drives. We aim for the highest standard as minimum goal. Ultimate comfort for your feet. At every step you take; expect more, receive more and deliver more.

Starting the day with outstanding socks, is the best way to rise and makes the business worthy. Every day.

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The socks produced for Graziano are made of the best raw materials, through advanced technology performance, containing rich colours with an interesting design.

Our socks consist of 60% cotton, 35% polyester and 5% elastane.

The company behind the production of the Graziano socks is awarded for several prices and awards. Such as three times the well-known Consumer Product Quality Competition.

Distribution of the Winter 2015 Collection

The distribution of the Graziano collection is reserved exclusively to Brameda B.V. located in the Netherlands. If you are interested in selling the Graziano socks please contact them about the possibilities.

Graziano socks are available in two different sizes. 39-42 and 43-46. The luxury socks are packed per three pairs. This winter collection contains four different winter colours. Espresso Black, Navy Blue, Chocolate Brown and Stone Grey.

Graziano socks - Sock 2014